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We plan on making your property substantially more appealing for buyers. Ferris & Co have found another way to put you, the client, at the very top of our priority list. Your property will sell faster and find more informed buyers with our most recent offering…

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Great news for the property market! With the Chancellor’s Budget on Wednesday, it is widely expected that Rishi Sunak will extend the stamp duty holiday until around June. With this in mind, it is a great opportunity to market your home in the next 6 weeks, and Ferris & Co are the ideal estate agents to help you through the process. 

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It’s still light at 5.30pm, and we can now walk outside without having to wear literally every layer in our wardrobe. Spring is nearing! And this means - as well as getting very excited - we need to start thinking about preparing our gardens for the blue skies and sun rays. Gardening, planting, redecorating: our gardens deserve the highest degree of attention this spring, and Ferris & Co are going to help you through it! 

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It’s the season of romance! And although a global pandemic and an enforced lockdown may not exactly excite the romantics, Ferris & Co believes you can still have a memorable Valentine’s Day regardless. So, equip yourself with red roses and love heart-shaped chocolates, and enjoy our tips for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own homes this lockdown. 

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With schools shut again and an end not really in sight, we have to think about new ways to adapt to virtual learning! You thought you’d escape school forever, and now your kids have brought it right to your front door (and your kitchen, and your lounge, and your…) - but don’t fear! Ferris & Co have compiled a list of top tips to help your children (and yourself) through this virtual learning period - with our help, school from home might not seem so bad. 

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