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It’s the season of romance! And although a global pandemic and an enforced lockdown may not exactly excite the romantics, Ferris & Co believes you can still have a memorable Valentine’s Day regardless. So, equip yourself with red roses and love heart-shaped chocolates, and enjoy our tips for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own homes this lockdown. 


First date nostalgia

There’s nothing more romantic than reminiscing on where it all began. And while confined to the indoors, channeling your creativity and imagination is one of the best forms of escapism. So turn your kitchen into that quaint pub where you had your first pint, or transform your living room into that cinema where you watched a Disney film and awkwardly tried to flirt in complete darkness (we’ve all been there). 


Look, any attempt to reconstruct the setting of your first date within your own property isn’t going to be perfect, but that’s besides the point. It’s funny, endearing, and will certainly create a new memory. And if you’re sadly apart during this lockdown, you can both attempt your own recreations, and compare the final results on Zoom! 

Look your best

The circumstances may not be ideal, but we don’t want those dresses and suits collecting dust. So, whether you’re sharing a dining table or seeing each other through a screen, dressing the part is absolutely the best way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. Defy the boredom of lockdown with that flamboyant tie or those lavish heels, and the romantic spirit will follow along with it. 

And - even if you’re not recreating your first date - dress that property up too! Finally scrub up that stain on the dining room table, and finally give those sofa cushions a good hoover. Get out (or invest in) fancy crockery and ornaments, and transform your home into a place that you’re happy to spend Valentine’s Day in! 



Let loose!

So you’ve finally taken off those pyjamas you’ve been living in since December, and you look like a normal, functioning human again. Your property is spanking clean, and it feels like a new home all over again. But for goodness sake, this isn’t a black tie charity dinner, so there’s no need to over-formalise your Valentine’s! Transform your property into the place of leisure it should be. 


Get some ambient LED lights and turn your kitchen into a cocktail bar! Pick your partner’s favourite recipe and try your best to do it justice (but don’t ruin their favourite drink, and the night, in the process). If you’re having to do Valentine’s on Zoom, this can still be very entertaining in its own ways - at least you can lie about the quality of your cocktail. 

Have a cosy one

Lockdown has given many of us an excuse to do what we always wanted to: forget the fancy restaurants with more ‘table for twos’ than you can count, batten down the hatches, and bury yourself under a duvet for a night of nothing. Well, not nothing (you still have to get a present!) But wouldn’t it be nice to forget about all the ceremony and glamour for one year, and embrace the humble moments instead! And for a little bit of sit-down, no-energy-required fun, both create a short quiz about yourselves to test how much your partner really knows you! Warning: if the failed cocktail doesn’t do it, this really could spoil the evening. 



Ferris & Co wishes everyone a happy, relaxing, and inventive Valentine’s Day this winter lockdown!

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