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Staying at home for the next month is by no means ideal for any of us, but it is an opportunity to turn November into a productive month! Every property could do with an extra bit of decluttering, and the way we see it, and there’s never been a better time to do it! So, make the most of the national lockdown by grabbing your dusters and your storage boxes, and getting ready to tackle those messy corners of your house that you’ve been ignoring for years...


Take it room by room

First things first, this often ends up being a bigger task than you bargained for, so try not to get overwhelmed. After all, this is meant to be a boost to your wellbeing! So, get a notepad and start listing all of the rooms you want to try and sort through - a room a day seems sensible and manageable. It might also be best to start small: organising your son’s sock drawer, your small DVD collection, or some window sill clutter. 

The Marie Kondo Method

When it comes to home organisation, Marie Kondo is truly the smartest voice around. She roots decluttering in your own emotions, advising you to pick up an item of clothing or an old ornament, and to ask yourself, ‘does this bring me joy?’ This way, you can create a home environment that is not only sleek and decluttered, but one that also makes you content and aids your mental health. Equally, though, she believes you shouldn’t be weighed down by nostalgia - stick to the task at hand, and don’t get distracted reading old birthday cards you’ve found at the back of your wardrobe!


For more Marie Kondo tips, check here! 


Think creatively

You obviously won’t want to discard or sell everything, understandably! So you may have to get creative to create more space without getting rid of items. Hooks inside of kitchen cupboards, for example, are a great way to hang serving spoons, measuring cups, and other utensils, freeing up drawer space in the process. Likewise, over-the-door storage racks are a great way to reorganise your items vertically, freeing up other cupboards and drawers! And, if you’re lucky enough to have a garage or a shed, install some shelves to keep some keepsakes or souvenirs that are too old for the house, but far too sentimental for the charity shop. 


Share the load!

On that note, think carefully about where you are going to discard some of your items too. Charity shops are a great idea, and many are always after old clothes, books, and DVDs. However, since the pandemic began, many charity shops are running out of room to deal with the increased volume of items they’re receiving. So, in these trying times, think of any of your friends, family, or members of your community who may be struggling or in need of any items you could personally do without. Turn your home organisation into an opportunity to help those around you!


...And how about a home office?

With your newfound space, think about creating a little home office space! If you haven’t managed to find room for a work from home space thus far, the new national lockdown has made it even more imperative. Not to fear, Ferris & Co have already created an easy 4-step guide to finding space in your home for a productive and functional work from home area! 

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