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Suddenly, it is May! Better weather and less social restrictions are inevitable, and we can now look forward to a summer of hosting friends and family in our gardens. After that long and challenging winter, it’s no less than we all deserve! But you will need more than a few deck chairs and a BBQ to bring this summer celebration to life — so, read ahead to explore our expert advice on preparing your property for a summer of socialising and sun!

Inside, but outside

Bringing the comfort and design of your property interiors to your garden area is proving to be a popular trend as we head towards this summer. This can produce a whole range of interesting and exciting ideas…


Low-seated sofas and wooden coffee tables are ideal pieces of furniture that blend into outdoor spaces really naturally, and can make your garden feel more immediately liveable! Further than that, garden rugs are also becoming increasingly desirable outdoor accessories, and can be a great way to add some colour and depth to a patio area. By all means, do not neglect the reliable and nifty nature of a foldaway garden chair, which are easy to store and fittingly mobile for social distancing. 


Be safe!

Maybe not the most glamorous tip, but definitely the most important: stay clean, sensible, and safe! Even with the restrictions on guest numbers hopefully easing from May 17th, it’s important to stay diligent. It is smart to offer hand sanitiser and plenty of space between seating, as well as antibacterial wipes for both the table and the bathroom area! 


If you really want to host effectively, trust us, you’ll need these lighting tips. You wouldn’t skimp on lighting in your lounge, so you certainly shouldn’t neglect it on your patio — from solar lights to the more familiar fairy light set, you can really take your garden design in many directions. We particularly advocate for lanterns, which are both fashionable and versatile, with a wide range of options available. You can opt for the battery operated options, or find warmth with a rustic candle lantern. 


Or, best of all, go solar. Solar garden lighting is more popular by the year, and continues to offer a sustainable and subtle way to accessorise your garden. Either way, the key is atmosphere and balance: while you do not want to be sat in darkness, it’s equally important to avoid blinding your guests. So maybe avoid floodlights…




We could all wax lyrical about the unpredictabilities of British weather, and at this point there’s no excuse but to be prepared! Whether it’s shelter or heating, there are ways to protect your outdoor paradise despite a wildly incorrect weather forecast…

Gazebos — or, more affordably, garden parasols — offer a different dimension to your garden setup, and offer easy protection from the rain or sun, without ruining your carefully curated outdoor aesthetic. Equally important is warmth, and while fire pits are popular, we prefer a sturdy chiminea. These offer a more efficient burn and are far more suited to windier evenings — in other words, they help keep your clothes from stinking of smoke! 




So get your property in order, and put your garden paradise forward as the place to be this summer!