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Nobody wants to be stuck in their room for lengthy periods of time - but, if you live with other people and either develop symptoms or come into contact with someone that has, it become a frustrating necessity. And while it is a moral and ethical duty to self-isolate, we’re still allowed to admit that it’s a struggle! So, here at Ferris & Co, we’ve decided to help by compiling a quick guide of ways to stay calm, productive, and positive while self-isolating in your bedroom this lockdown. With this guide, your self-isolation can become a way to learn new things about your own bedroom! 

Stay active!

The most important, but definitely hardest tip, is to try and stay at least a little bit active! Sure, this may feel near-on impossible in a bedroom. And we hear your scepticism - unless you’ve got dumbbells lying around, you’ll have to be imaginative. The internet is full of home workout routines, most of which can be completed with just a bit of floorspace and your own body weight. Or, if you want something lighter, star-jumps, half press-ups, or even some stretches are a good way to get your blood pumping. For something both relaxing and stimulating, try some yoga! None of this may seem overly fun, but trust us, exercise scientifically boosts our mood and our wellbeing. 

Invest in houseplants

If you haven’t got any already, this is the perfect time to invest in some bright plants for your bedroom. Firstly, when you’re stuck self-isolating and deprived of the outdoors, houseplants are a great way to give your room a sense of genuine freshness. Keeping your room from feeling stuffy and enclosed is tricky business when you have to spend the whole day in it - so, a small peace lily or a dragon tree is bound to give your bedroom a bit of life. 


It’s also an incentive to keep a routine. As much as binging every Netflix miniseries you can find is both fun and addictive, you won’t do yourself any good by organising this lockdown around your next episode! So plan a time for a daily watering or two (depending on the plant, of course), and let yourself be immersed and relaxed by this simple pastime. And, if nothing else, plants are a nice reminder of the outdoors! 



Get cosy! 

It’s autumn, it’s the festive season, and you’re stuck in your room, so we suggest it’s a necessity to make your room as snug and cosy as possible. Order in some fairy lights or scented candles to give your room a warm, autumnal glow - perfect for staying calm and relaxed. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a new fluffy blanket! And, if that’s too expensive, give your mum/housemate/partner a text, and demand they bring one from the lounge to your room (we recommend playing the sympathy card). With your new, snug ambience, channel your contentment into some new hobbies!


Develop some hobbies

It’s finally time to do that thing you’ve always said you were going to: painting, learning chess, learning Russian. Whatever it is, self-isolation is the best time to turn inwards and develop a new skill, offering yourself a whole new avenue of fun. We recommend scrapbooking, which is a therapeutic and nostalgic activity, and lets you tap into your creative side while passing the time seamlessly! It’s a great way to remind yourself of loved ones and loved memories in happier times, and can be a real motivation to stay calm through lockdown. Also, it can turn into a quirky new design feature for your room: many people like to channel their scrapbooking energy into picture collages on a spare bedroom wall! 



And, finally, take your self-isolation as an opportunity to finally go through all those old A-Level notes that you keep hanging onto for some reason. There’s no better time to declutter and reorganise your room! You’ll be surprised by what you unearth - even if it’s just more space! We’ve already written a whole blog post about decluttering and organising, so go and check it out! 


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